Tuesday, December 29, 2009

About Me - My introduction

About Me:
  • My Name is Meg
  • I am Mid-Twenties
  • From the Midwest
  • Full Time Employee, Girlfriend and most importantly Mommy of 1
  • I love to blog, write, scrapbook, watch movies, and spend time with my family

Here's My Story:

       I had my son 5 years ago and topped out at 204lbs at the end of my pregnancy - which was an enormous 104lb weight gain from start to finish. After his birth, I got started working 40 hours a week in sales - which is extremely stressful - went through 2 break ups - a slight depression problem - and just became less worried about my health and my body image. At one point around 3 years ago I started dating a body builder who motivated me to get into the gym and start working out and just getting healthy, I did that religiously for about 3 months and lost around 20lbs of baby fat but when me and Mr. Body Builder decided to go our seperate ways, so did me and the gym. I started dating another great guy Chris, who is my current boyfriend, after being together for 2 years and living 2 hours away from each other for most of our relatioship we found it the perfect time to move in with each other. So I packed my things and moved the 2 hours away from friends and family to be closer to him. I've noticed in the 8 months that we have lived together that I my once to big pants are starting to get tight and I knew it was time for a change - and when better than the new year! So for 2010 I have chose to get off my butt and start the P90x challenge! I have decided to join Tony HortonBRING IT!

    This blog is designed for me to log my workouts, meal plans, and progress on my P90x Journey! I also want this blog to help me connect with others either on P90x or have completed it as well as just anyone who is trying to lose weight, stay fit, and just get healthy! 2010 is a new year and will mold a new me! Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritualy. I may also need a little motivation and I would like to build up a group of others who can help keep myself movited as well as me being able to motivate you!

And that's my story! Starting P90x in just 2 days to lose 24lbs....let's do this!
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