Monday, November 8, 2010

Ho-Lee Cow!!

It has been damn near an entire year since I last posted on this blog!

Well now that I am engaged (See blog post HERE) I really need to start focusing on looking as hot as I possibly can for my future hubby. I can't be rocking a muffin top on our honeymoon - just CAN NOT do it.

Like so many woman and men, I have become comfortable in my relationship and have let myself go. I eat fast food AT LEAST once a day and have gained 10lbs since I moved in with my boyfriend Fiance last year. After work I go home, eat, then sit on my ass and watch TV or mess around on my laptop - this MUST STOP TODAY!

I have been looking into local Boot Camps in my area and I have found some, but none that really fit my schedule. I logged into today and their deal was $20 for unlimited bootcamp sessions for a month .... and the gym is RIGHT NEXT to my house...and they have a class that fits my schedule. I couldn't have asked for a more obvious sign from the Fitness Gods!

You betchya I bought that $20 package and I plan to start on Monday (1 week from today). The bootcamp is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 3 days a week - for an hour in the morning. I have ZERO excuses to quit this time - I have my wedding/honeymoon as motivation!

Now I just need you guys to help keep me inspired to keep going! I plan on posting Before/During/After results - so lets see what 4 weeks of bootcamp can do for me! I know I dont have 30/40/50lbs to lose - but if I don't start now, in a year I just might.

My goal is to lose 10lbs in these 4 weeks and drop at least 1 pants size. I am currently in a 5 - I have not been in jeans this big since I was pregnant with my son 6 years about depressing. My goal is to a size 3 for the month and then back down to a 1 before my wedding (which is March 2012 - So I have time.)

I am really excited and determined to stick with this fitness plan!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wed. Weigh - In

Rethink Your Shrink!

Another Wednesday, Another Weigh In.

I must confess - I have NOT been working out. I have still been watching my diet - but it def shows on the scale this week. I have been super stressed out by work and things going on at home that I am starting to snack again. I am falling back into the same routines that I was in, in 2009.

I HAVE got to start working out again - I was feeling so good about myself, but then after getting of the scale this morning, I just feel like it was all a waste.

Definitly batteling my inner demons today.

So here's the Stats:
Weigh-In Dec 30:  125.4 lbs
Weigh-In Jan 6: 122lbs
Weigh -In Jan 13: 116.5 lbs
Weigh-In Jan 20: 115 lbs
*Weigh-In Jan 26: 121lbs*
This Week weight loss: + 6 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 4.4 lbs

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Three

Today over at we are to talk about Three ways to help keep us motivated - but unfortunatly the past 2 weeks my self motivation has not been working - but I will go ahead and list a few ways that I keep myself motivated!

1. Music - I'm going to steal this one from the post, as it is my top motivation - I usually listen to rock or alternative music when I am working out. The screaming in my ear get's my blood pumping and something inside me just has to push harder!

Top 3 Artists:
1. Disturbed
2. Rammstein
3. Atreyu

2. My Skinny Jeans - I have a pair of pants that I wore in High school (which was only 6yrs ago...) but that I often try one to see how I compare to when I was in HS. This morning I tried these on ladies, and guess what, I'm currently wearing them! Buttoned up and everything! & I can still breathe! Made me feel really great, and it keeps me motivated to know that I can fit in them again! And now I want to continue to be able to fit in them so I will continue to work hard to keep the weight off!

3. Competition - I love working with (and against) others to see who can lose the most inches & pounds. I am an aries, so I am competitive by nature so I always want to be on top & win. Good natured competition is good for everyone, as long as you are willing to help others not hurt them. Do not let the competition get to your head and always keep clear sight of whats imporant like staying healthy, losing the weight, and having fun with others while doing it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey! I got a Question...

I see all these creative bloggers come up with Carnivals & Meme's for their readers & I want to start one!

 I am always joining the multitude of other bloggers by participating in their blog carnivals, linking my post with Mr. Linky, and jumping from blog to blog to meet other cool peeps like myself!

I've met ALOT of great ladies (& a few gents) by hopping on the bandwagon - what do you guys think?

 If I started a blog carnival...would you participate?!

Would you be willing to plop my button on your blog & visit at least 1 other blogger that day?

I need some feedback ladies! I think it sounds like a real hoot...

yep that's right...i said HOOT!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gettin' Your workout Music on

I know how important it is for me to having great background music while I'm working out! If I get a great song on my ipod, it can change my attitude and really motivate & pump me up! So let's fight the workout boredom together - can you tell me what some of your favorite workout songs are? I've notice that I personally listen to A LOT of rock music when I'm working out - maybe it's the screaming in my ear that really get's my mind focused!

So if you are looking for some new workout music:
Check out these lists!
 (Copied from Fitness Magazine)

The Best Songs for Running
These upbeat songs are perfect for your run.

"The Shock of the Lightning" - Oasis
"My Apocalypse" - Metallica
"Damaged" - Danity Kane
"Womanizer" - Britney Spears
"Disturbia" - Rihanna
"I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy
"The Right Life" (Tiesto Remix) - Seal
"Gettin' Up" - Q-Tip
"Shawty Get Loose" - Lil Mama
"Psychosocial" - Slipknot
"Going Wrong" - Armin van Buuren
"About a Girl" - The Academy Is...
"A Milli" - Lil Wayne
"Universal Mind Control" - Common
"Feedback" - Janet Jackson
"I Kissed a Girl" - Katy Perry
"Something Is Not Right with Me" - Cold War Kids

The Best Songs for Spinning
Great songs to make those miles fly by.

"Magic Touch" - Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige
"Explode" - Uh Huh Her
"Closer" - Ne-Yo
"It's Not My Time" - 3 Doors Down
"See You Again" - Miley Cyrus
"Use Somebody" - Kings of Leon
"American Boy" (feat. Kanye West) - Estelle
"Green Light" (feat. Andre 3000) - John Legend
"In the Ayer" (feat. - Flo Rida
"Time to Pretend" - MGMT
"Spotlight" - Jennifer Hudson
"Put On" - Young Jeezy and Kanye West
"Dangerous" - Kardinal Offishall and Akon
"Addicted" - Saving Abel
"Baby" (Rock Remix) - LL Cool J
"Trainwreck" - Demi Lovato
"La Femme Parallel" (feat. LouLou) - Thievery Corporation

The Best Songs for Walking
Kick up your heels to these energizing songs.

"Dreamin' of You" - Bob Dylan
"Come On Over" - Jessica Simpson
"Not Now but Soon" - Imogen Heap
"Lights Out" - Santigold
"Ooh Yeah" - Moby
"It's Amazing" - Jem
"Mercy" - Duffy
"Burnin' Up" - Jonas Brothers
"100 Yard Dash" - Raphael Saadiq
"Pocketful of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield
"Crush" - David Archuleta
"Shut Up and Let Me Go" - The Ting Tings
"Take You There" (feat. P. Diddy) - Donnie Klang
"We Break the Dawn" - Michelle Williams
"Keeps Gettin' Better" - Christina Aguilera
"Strange Overtones" - David Byrne and Brian Eno
"Love Is Noise" - The Verve

The Best Songs for Weight Training
Need an extra boost while you lift? Try out these songs during your next strength training session.

"Viva la Vida" - Coldplay
"Touch My Body" - Mariah Carey
"Bleeding Love" - Leona Lewis
"Human" - The Killers
"U Want Me 2" - Sarah McLachlan
"Slipped Dissolved and Loosed" - Lambchop
"Chemtrails" - Beck
"Special Place" - Rootz Underground
"Girls Around the World" - Lloyd and Lil Wayne
"Let's Love" - Matthew Sweet
"Right Hand on My Heart" - The Whigs
"Not That Big" (feat. Imogen Heap) - Temposhark
"Without You" - Shawn Hlookoff
"One for the Cutters" - The Hold Steady
"Believe" - Staind
"Click Click Click" - New Kids on the Block
"Don't Think I Don't Think About It" - Darius Rucker
"Waterfall" - James
"Great Day" - Lindsey Buckingham

The Step-It-Up Cardio Playlist
Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins provides upbeat songs designed to sync up to the perfect cardio workout.

"Don't Stop the Music" - Rihanna
"Get Up" - Chamillionaire and Ciara
"Break the Ice" - Britney Spears
"Rise Up" - Yves Larock
"Beautiful Liar" (Remix) - Beyonce
"Kiss Kiss" (feat. T-Pain) - Chris Brown
"Feedback" - Janet Jackson
"Stronger" - Kanye West
"Touch My Body" (Remix) - Mariah Carey

Marathon Playlist: 60 Minutes of Music to Keep You Pumped Up
Training for a marathon? This is the playlist for your long runs, and maybe even race day.

"U and Ur Hand" - Pink
"Stronger" (Remix) - Kanye West
"Big in Japan" (Remix) - Power Music Workout
"Oh Yeah" - Yello
"Without Me" - Eminem
"Badlands" - Bruce Springsteen
"Superstar" (feat. Matthew Santos) - Lupe Fiasco
"Diamonds from Sierra Leone" (feat. Jay-Z) - Kanye West
"This Is New York" - Sander Kleinenberg
"Get Ready for This" - Crazy Frog
"Lose Yourself" - Eminem
"No Sleep Till Brooklyn" - Beastie Boys

The Body Confidence Workout Playlist
Not loving your body? Jump-start your confidence -- add these feel-good grooves to your workout playlist.

"You Gotta Be" - Des'ree
"It's My Life" - Bon Jovi
"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen
"I Run for Life" - Melissa Etheridge
"You Are So Beautiful" - Joe Cocker
"Baby I'm a Star" - Prince and the Revolution

The Hot Body Workout Playlist
Not feeling so hot? Get pumped up and get your body moving to these workout songs chosen by DJ Angie Martinez.

"It's My Life" - No Doubt
"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" - Michael Jackson
"Seven Nation Army" - The White Stripes
"Say It Right" - Nelly Furtado
"We Fly High" - Jim Jones

The Ultimate Mood-Boosting Workout Playlist
Not motivated enough to move? Deekron, "The Fitness DJ," promises these workout songs will make you want to sweat.

"Good Girl Gone Bad" - Rihanna
"Everybody Got Their Something" - Nikka Costa
"Jump" - Madonna
"Hate on Me" - Jill Scott
"Call Me" - Blondie
"No One" - Alicia Keys

The Boot Camp Body Playlist
We polled 10 of the country's top boot camp trainers to see what music keeps them pumped up during a tough workout. Crank them up and get ready for some serious motivation -- no barking drill sergeant required!

"Kickstart My Heart" - Motley Crue
"Release" (feat. Justin Timberlake) - Timbaland
"Cuz I Can" - Pink
"4 in the Morning" - Gwen Stefani
"Baby Boy" - Beyonce
"Come to Me" (feat. Nicole Scherzinger) - Diddy
"No Easy Way Out" - Robert Tepper
"The Anthem" (feat. Lil Jon) - Pitbull
"I'll Fly with You" - Gigi d'Agostino
"Feedback" - Janet Jackson
"Time After Time" - Distant Soundz
"American Boy" (feat. Kanye West) - Estelle
"Over You" - Daughtry
"I Like It" - Narcotic Thrust
"Never Again" - Nickelback
"Hot Stuff vs. World Hold On" - Craig David vs. Bob Sinclair
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" - Neil Diamond

The FITNESS Country Music Workout Playlist
A workout music playlist for country music lovers from the editors of FITNESS magazine.

"All My Friends Say" - Luke Bryan
"Here for the Party" - Gretchen Wilson
"Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind" - Kellie Pickler
"All I Want to Do" - Sugarland
"Love Story" - Taylor Swift
"She's So California" - Gary Allan
"Love You Out Loud" - Rascal Flatts
"Life Is a Highway" - Rascal Flatts
"Redneck Woman" - Gretchen Wilson
"Saturday Night" - Jo Dee Messina
"All I Want Is a Life" - Tim McGraw
"Ladies Love Country Boys" - Trace Adkins
"Somebody Like You" - Keith Urban
"Feel That Fire" - Dierks Bentley
"Before He Cheats" - Carrie Underwood
"Six-Pack Summer" - Phil Vassar

The Headphones-Only Guilty Pleasure Playlist
Workout music you hate to admit you really love.

"Miss Independent" - Kelly Clarkson
"Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey
"Here I Go Again" - Whitesnake
"Nothing in This World" - Paris Hilton
"Do It Well" - Jennifer Lopez
"Play" - Jennifer Lopez
"Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne
"There's Your Trouble" - Dixie Chicks
"I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys
"Bye Bye Bye" - NSYNC

So there are no more excuses! You have plenty of work out music to get you your butt in gear and get motivated! Try out these lists - maybe compile them into your own mix - but music is definitly a great way to mix things up if you start to get bored!
What does your ipod consist of? What are your playlists? Let me know! I'm always open to new music!!

Wed. Weigh-In

Rethink Your Shrink!

Today is Wednesday Weigh In & I am excited to say that I've lost more pounds! But I am not seeing the physical change.
 - my clothes still fit the same -
so I am starting to get discouraged.

I have a guilty confesion as well - i havent worked out in 3 days! I am going to get back on it tonight though, I need to get motivated and keep it up! I'm still watching my food & eating healthy & 5 times a day to keep the metabolism up! So the diet is helping to shed the pounds - but now I have to focus on working out and tightening up the tummy & thighs!!

So Here's the Stats:
Weigh-In Dec 30: 125.4lbs
Weigh-In Jan 6: 122lbs
*Weigh-In Jan 13: 116.5lbs*
This Week Weight Lost: 5.5lbs
Total Weight Lost: 8.9lbs

So overall, I feel really good about my weight loss - but the number on the scale

Is JUST a number.

I'm ready to see the tummy disappear - and I know what I need to do - more exercise & cardio! just get motivated again to get with it!

Ladies, I hope your Wed Weigh-In looks good, can't wait to see your posts!
Thank you for stopping by - subscribe & follow on Twitter...Pwease! :)

Ps. I have a really great giveaway going on over at my other blog click: HERE for details! Multiple entries & the contest ends on Saturday! Have a Great day!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

P90x - Day 7, 8, & 9

Sorry it's been a busy couples of days in my neck of the woods so I havent been able to post about my P90x progress so heres a quick *very quick* update:

Day 7:
This was my rest day - and boy & oh boy - did I need it! It really wasn't much of a rest day because I ended up cleaning my house the ENTIRE day! I walked up and down 2 sets of stairs about 10 times to do the laundry (I have a three story house, laundry room is in the basement & bedrooms are on the 3rd floor). I opted to wash the dishes by hand rather than putting them in the dishwasher - which I read burns calories! I vaccumed, swept, mopped, scrubbed, and even shoveled some snow - so even though it was my
"off" day, I was still ON!

Day 8:
Chest & Back with Ab Ripper X: I really enjoy working my upper body as well as my core - ARX is still a biatch - but I enjoy the pain! I really like pushing myself and setting short term goals like "Just do 5 more!" when I feel like I'm going to kill over! I am most concerned about my core & mid section so ARX is a must do in my workout to achieve my goals!

Day 9:
Was supposed to by Plyometrics this morning, well I said Hell NO! No thanks to that one and substituted Cardio X instead, which was still a hard workout! I was sweating like a pig a little sweaty after, but I felt my heart rate get up!
Overall, a great work out day!

I have a little bit of a confession guys - I fudged up yesterday!! After working my boys called me and asked me to run by McDonalds to pick them up something to eat for dinner - which was total & utter torture to begin with! There was no mind over matter at this point, when I walk in and I see the double cheeseburgers and I smell those salty fries it was ALL OVER! I ended up ordering myself a fish sandwhich, medium fries, and a Dr Pepper. After I ate it, I felt so terrible that I honestly thought about vomiting it up - but I didnt. I told myself that its OK to eat this stuff ONCE IN A WHILE, I just can't do it everyday anymore!
So no more junk for the rest of January!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

I found this really great article on ivillage and wanted to share it with everyone. Lately I havent been feeling as motivated as I did last week - I notice myself starting to go back to bad habits - like snacking & I even bought KFC for lunch yesterday...BAD MEG! So I did what I knew to do - I web searched for ways to stay motivated - found this article written by Jonny Bowden and really liked what I read. So if you are starting to feel unmotivated, please keep these in mind - they seem to really help - I'm more motivated now! NO MORE FAST FOOD *I was do soooo good too!*

Top 10 Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Take it down a notch. Many beginners, in a combination of enthusiasm and impatience, wind up overtraining -- doing too much, too soon, too frequently. That results in sluggishness, soreness, exhaustion and a general meltdown -- in other words, lack of motivation. Cut back on the intensity and go for a walk instead. That will save you from burnout.

2. Schedule your workouts in advance. Make appointments with yourself (or with a buddy) for a specific time and place. Treat the appointment as you would any promise. If you make time in advance and plan on keeping your word, you're more likely to keep that appointment. It helps when you share the commitment and speak it "out loud," to a workout partner or a cyberbuddy.

3. Whenever possible, schedule morning workouts. You get it out of the way, and you start the day feeling that you've already accomplished something positive for yourself. Plus, a morning workout can have an energizing effect that lasts for hours.

4. Concentrate on finding personal measures of improvement. Are you feeling better? Are you breaking through barriers? Are you learning something about yourself and your ability to keep your word to yourself? Is your endurance improving? Chart these benefits, no matter how small they may seem, and a pattern will soon emerge that can get you through the tough times. Which leads to number 5 ...

5. Keep a journal. You'll be hearing a lot about this in future columns. It's the one thing nearly every weight-loss expert agrees on, and as you know, we don't agree on too many things. At the very least, a journal can help you see patterns between food, mood and energy levels. Used thoughtfully, it can teach you important things about yourself and your relationship with food, sex, comfort, body image and weight.

6. Understand that the voice in your head that constantly criticizes is only one of many possible voices. You can't shut it up, but you can balance it with one that cheers you on and raves about your good points. Try giving your "cheerleader" a voice and you'll understand. If you don't have a cheerleader, create one.

7. When you feel like doing nothing, do a little. Many programs are abandoned because the hour workout seems like too much and you bag it altogether. On days like this, change your goal to 15, 10 or even 5 minutes. Consistency breeds success. Doing even 10 minutes consistently is ultimately far more important than doing an hour every once in a while.

8. When you're getting stale, change your workout. If you workout at a gym, try using the park. If you normally run, try the rowing machine. Add some weights or change the weight exercises you normally do to spice things up a bit. happy.

9. Make it fun. Many people feel a drop in motivation when their workout becomes yet another obligation. Ask yourself what kind of activity that requires moving around might also be fun. Maybe it's dancing in front of the stereo for a half-hour while listening to your favorite CD. Great. That's your workout for today. Do it and be happy.

10. Get a buddy or, if possible, schedule a session (or three) with a personal trainer. The input of another person can inject a tired routine with new juice, and you may learn some really cool stuff in the process. Never underestimate the power of a new voice.

My Take on the Article:
I hope you got something out of this - as I did. I'm going to look into purchasing new music to keep the routine new & fresh! My buddies are all online :) My schedule never really fits into my real life friends schedules so I don't have a work out buddy - but I think I am going to meet with a personal trainer and nutrionist and see what they say. I really like #7, because P90x workouts are at least an hour & a half so sometimes I'm just to worn out or tired to do a full hour - but they are right, consistancy is key to success!

What do you do to stay motivated when you get in a slump?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Project Me - Rethink your Shrink

For Monday's Project Me assignment we are to think about what didn't work in 2009 and how we are going to change those things in 2010. Try to find new solutions to the problems so we can find great results along our journey.

My journey just started Jan 1 of 2010 - In 2009 I wasn't worried about weight loss or staying healthy - I still have that little bit of baby fat around my waist but for the most part I was comfortable in my skin. I moved 2 hours away from my family to be with my boyfriend *been together almost 3 years* and tranferred within my company - I think it was the idea of living with Chris that I didn't have to watch my weight as much. We started eating out everynight, I had fast food EVERYDAY for lunch sometimes I would have it for another meal as well and I gained 10lbs from April 1st to Dec 31st. I saw some pictures of us on the beach from this past year and I did not like the way I looked in a bikini - so I knew this year was the year! To get myself in shape! And skinny again.

So I decided in December that 2010 would not only bring a new year, but a new me and I have the determination to make it happen. I am starting with my diet - cutting out all junk - and working out 7 days a week. Doing P90x 6 days a week and then running as well. I have a total goal to lose 15-20lbs on this journey this year and just tighten and shed the FAT!

I know I am going to need some extra motivation from friends & family and of course my bloggin buddies! Because you guys rock & I know you are facing the same difficulties as myself! 

For 2010 - I want to stay motivated, change my diet, and shed the extra weight! And I do not want to stop at anything! :) The Skies the limit! Thanks for stopping by! Leave me some comment love & I'll do the same!

If you'd like to subscribe - Id love you even more!! You rock!!

Check out the great girls at Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - why? Because the are hella cool!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

P90x - Day 5 & 6

I fell asleep last night before I could update everyone on my Day 5! (ok, I fell asleep after cuddling up to Chris & watching Jennifer's Body - which BTW was TERRIBLE - not worth wasting $5 to rent it! IMO - and forgot to post yestday)

Ooops...My bad!

Yesterday I did Back & Legs - and those damn wall squats are a BIATCH! *pardon my bad english* My legs were shaking so bad that I thought I was going to fall on my booty cushion! This work out was definitly tougher than I thought it would be!! Wow - O - Wow - legs were like spaghetti noodles!

I keep staying positive - I keep thinking "In just 80 more days - you're going to have one HOT rump shaka!" or at least a little less cottage cheese in my pants!

Ok that sounded a little gross - I meant the cellulite trailing my ass everyday.

Ya...On A-nother note...

Tonight was Kenpo & I think Im *in love*! This was by far an amazing work out and so much fun! I love the super active, cardio, kickboxing, non-stop action, my bodies going to rebel against me tomorrow, workouts! I can't wait to do another round of this workout! Is it hard? Oh hell yes! But I always like a good challange ;)

So for today's "unofficial" weigh in - I woke up at 121lbs today! Which means I am getting closer to my ultimate weight goal! I have been calorie counting like it's going out of style and I have been drinking water like it's liquid gold!

I think that pretty much wraps it up - tomorrow is my "off" day, but I think I am still going to do X-Stretch, just because I am used to working out everyday now - so I want to keep up the momentum!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wed. Weigh-In

Today is the first Wednesday Weigh-In over at one of my new fav. places: Shrinking Jeans. I am involved in Rethink Your Shrink and if you are looking for a great group of gals to help keep you motivated, to get new ideas on workouts, meals, etc - please make sure to check them out! They rock!!! :)

I have been working super hard since Jan 1st watching my diet - cutting out ALL soda pop & fast food and eating very healthy compared to what I am accustomed too and doing P90x everyday as it is scheduled for Classic and Bringing It each and every time! And I can already feel a change in myself.

Besides the sore body.

But I have more energy, I'm pumped about working out, and I really excited about shedding the pounds!

So here's the Stats:
Weigh-In Dec 30th:  125.4lbs
Weigh-In Jan 6th: 122lbs
Total weight loss: 3.4lbs

I couldn't be happier! I can't believe I have lost over 3 lbs this week!! That really helps me stay motivated because the P90x is working & I can see the results showing on my scale. I have not worked out yet today, so this could possibly go down some more! Whoooo!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

P90x - Day 4

Today I experienced Yoga X for the first time, and honestly, I did not like it to much. I always thought that Yoga was supposed to be relaxing both for the body & the mind - but Tony's voice just didnt relax me! However I did enjoy the stretch of downward dog! It stretched my lower back and it felt soooo good!!

Tomorrow is Kenpo and I am really looking forward to it! I love really active & fast workouts - I love kickboxing and I know that Kenpo is really close to kickboxing! So I'm really looking forward to that one! What did you guys think about Kenpo?

How are you guys doing on your weightloss programs so far this year? I know it's only the 5th day of the month, but none the less, I hope everybody is still going strong and I hope that each and every one of you have made it past New Years with a new attitude and motivation to kick butt this year!!

Have a good night!!

True Confessions Tuesday - Rethink the Shrink

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans True Confessions

Today I really do not have much to confess about New Years! We have a friend over at our house on NYE - and I was really good!

1. I watched as the guys drank alcohol and got wasted - I didnt want the headache in the morning OR the calories so I stuck to Crystal Light all night (That Rhymes!) - Virgin Crystal Light - not even a dash of Vodka was in my drink!

2. I played Wii with the guys for a few hours - so I got some exercise out of the whole event! We went golfing, arching, skiing, and even played a few rounds of tennis! :)

3. I fell into bed around 12:30am - stayed up just long enough to say Happy New Year and to kiss Chris! I needed to get my beauty sleep for work at 8am!

4. I did however eat some crappy food! We ordered Cheese & Pepporonni Pizza's - Chicago Crust - some Chicken wings - and bread sticks! I think I ate 1/4 of the pizza and about 6 chick wings

5. Im my defense for #4 - I didnt offically start my new diet until 12am!! So I don't feel guilty about eating 9000 calories for 1 meal! :)

6. Since Jan 1st I havent anything other than Water and 2 glasses of Crystal Light to drink - My body is startig to crave the water & I love it!

7. I no longer get headaches from not drinking soda - I cut cold turkey from drinking 3-4 32oz sodas per day!

8. I have not worked out yet today - My legs are still super sore from Plyometrics! But tonight I am going to get caught up and do Yoga X - I have to stick with P90x.

9. And prove to my boyfriend and my family that I can stick with something, finish, and see results!!

So those are my Tuesday Confessions! Thank you for taking the time to read them - please comment & subscribe to my blog! It would be much appreciated! :) You guys rock!!
Ps. I just love the girls from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!

Monday, January 4, 2010

P90x - Day 3 - Muy Sore!

This is my day 3 wrap up for P90x  - today was Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X.

Shoulder's & Arms went great - was not to tough on me - it's so far one of my favorites *simple because it was easy* but in all honesty - next week I am going to push myself and increase my weights - P90x should NEVER be easy!

Ab Ripper X went...well...the best it could go! I feel my six pack coming already...ok - that was a lie! I actually do not see or feel any differences yet, except super sore muscles!

So now I am feeling Plyo from yesterday! My thighs have been SO SORE all day, I mean it hurts to walk up & down the stairs or sit down! ( were sooo right! Barely walking today)

Been sticking with the diet:
Breakfast: Egg & Chive Egg Beaters *NEVER again! Ick!!!* 1c Blueberries
Snack: Luna Bar : Lemon
Lunch: Turkey wrap on whole wheat tortilla with honey mustard and 4 cherry tomatoes
Snack: Yogart - Yoplait Light - Key Lime Pie
Dinner: Tuna Salad Sandwhich on Whole Wheat Bread
Water: 8 bottles of water - so far!

Tomorrow I get to experience Yoga X - I am really excited to try it, I've never done Yoga - however I Have heard from a few people that this Yoga isn't very relaxing because Tony is the host...and well....let's face it...there's nothing relaxing or tranquil about him or his voice. But none the less I am ready to stretch out these pretty sore muscles!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

P90x - Day 2 - + VLOG!

Today's a very special post for me! It's my first EVER vlog! I apologize for the lack of skill - but I didnt practice or write anything down - I just kinda winged it! Please feel free to poke fun at me as well! I never take myself to seriously, and neither should you! :)

Real quick recap for Day #2 of P90x : Plyometrics
Is was really tough - but it is supposed to be. The warm up really had me rethinking P90x today but I stuck with it, and I just focused on how hot my bod will be on the beach this summer! :) I had to stop the DVD a few times just to rest a little more than the 30 seconds that Tony & his crew took. I think next time I am just going to do Cardio X - I think Plyo is a little out of my league, but I felt good that I finished the workout and I pushed myself and my body to it's limits. I am really happy that Plyo is only once a week! And I do have off weeks! But it really is a great Cardio workout and it will burn a ton of calories!

I woke up weighing 124lbs and after the workout I was at 121lbs! Nothing like losing the water weight to make you feel good! Haha - I'm still going strong on the diet - except we are going out to Applesbee's tonight before going to the movies (skipping the popcorn this time!) So that may put a little speed bump in my calories for the day.

Thanks for stopping by today and YOU ROCK!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yummy Snack: Turkey Rollups (Super Easy!)

Turkey Rollups

Satisfy your salty, crunchy and savory cravings in one punch with this quick snack.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Ready in: 5 minutes
Yield: 2 servings, 2 rollups each
Ease of Prep: Easy

Recipe Ingredients

4 slices deli turkey breast (about 2 ounces total)
8 teaspoons honey mustard or mango chutney
Freshly ground pepper to taste
8 sesame breadsticks

Recipe Directions

Spread each slice of turkey with 2 teaspoons mustard (or mango chutney) and season with pepper. Wrap each prepared turkey slice around 2 breadsticks.
The Nutrional Stuff:
Servings Per Recipe: 2
Amount Per serving
Calories: 82 cal Carbohydrate Servings: 1/2
Carbohydrates: 10 g Dietary Fiber: 0 g Cholesterol: 10 mg
Fat: 4 g Sodium: 238 mg Saturated Fat: 1 g
Protein: 3 g Potassium: 47 mg Monounsaturated Fat: 1 g
Nutrition Bonus: Protein, selenium, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12.
Exchanges: 1/2 other carbohydrate, 1/2 lean meat

My Thoughts on this Recipe:

I had this today for one my snacks and they were YUMMY! Pretty filling too! If you like breadsticks and turkey - this make a great combination - and a very healthy snack alternative! Try it & let me know what you think!

P90x - Day 1 - Tough Stuff!

Due to circumstances I wasn't able to start my P90x workout yesterday - but I was able to work on my diet:

Breakfast: 1/2c Egg Beaters, 1/2c low-fat cottage cheese, 1/4c rasberries
Snack 1: Yoplait Lemon Pie Yogart Light
Lunch: Grilled Chicken & Spinach Salad - No dressing
Snack 2: 1c of baby carrots - peeled
Dinner: Lettuce Tacos w/low fat sour creame and weight watchers Cheese

But I did wake up at 5am to start my exercise programs this morning! Here it is almost 2 hours later and I'm done with my first work out, I think I can sum it up with one word....WOW! Today was Chest & Back along with Ab Ripper X. Chest & Back wasn't bad at all here's my stats for Chest & Back:

Standard Pushups: 25/26 (1st round/2nd round)
Wide Front Pullups: 27/21 (Red resistance bands)
Military Pushups: 20/18
Reverse Grip Chin Ups: 25/25 (red resistance bands)
Wide Fly Push-Ups: 10/20
Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: 28/21
Decline Push-Ups: 10/11
Heavy Pants: 15/20 (red resistance bands)
Diamond Push Ups: 23/20
Lawnmowers: 25/15
Dive-Bomber Push Ups: 10/8
Back Flys: 12/15

Chest & Back wasn't bad at all - I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow though - Now Ab Ripper X.......that was TOUGH! I did about 10 reps per exercise and I was exhausted! But that gives me some motivation to do better next time!

Overall - I feel really great about the first day! Only 89 days left to go! (That sounds easier than it's really going to be!) I took my before Pictures yesterday - however I am in a bikini and I'm not wanting to post anything until the very end to see if I see results - Hope you guys don't mind! But on a good note - I weighed myself prior to the workout and I weighed in at 125 and after Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X, I was at 122.5! Whaa-hoo!!!

This sums up the first day - I am going to still watch my calories intake today, but I do have to work 10 hours today so I'll be able to post more tonight when I get off work!

Tomorrow's Forcast: Plyrometrics! Stay tuned!