Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alright...No Excuses!

So I thought I was going to be back into the work out routine - and I have made nothing more than excuses and became more & more lazy. I now have a new job where I sit behind a desk all day, when I come home I PLOP right down onto my couch & I get on the computer and I will stay here until I go to bed. I have noticed that I am always so tired & I am going up in dress sizes. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR ME!!

So this time I am serious, I am going to make sure this gets done & done right. I have 3 months until my trip to Florida...I am determined to get started on this working out business again. When it warms up I want to start running as well.

I have noticed my trouble areas are my hips, buns & thighs so I am going to focus HARD on those areas during the next 3 months. I am going to start the new diet {which really isn't a diet, just cutting down the soda/sweets & eating more fruit & veggies and less processed foods, but I am not going to become obsessive with it} and working out. Monday I am going to sign up to go to bootcamp and in the evenings I am going to start P90x again, that will make me working out TWICE per day. I think I can make this work! {keeping fingers crossed}.

I play to start a VLOG of this whole journey & post it on my blog - I am going to need the motivation....that's what caused me to fall off the wagon last time {and getting addicted to soda again}. I am the only person to blame for letting myself go, but I simply MUST make a change in my life.

So readers, if you are still out there, please help as I am going to need it!!!
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