Sunday, January 3, 2010

P90x - Day 2 - + VLOG!

Today's a very special post for me! It's my first EVER vlog! I apologize for the lack of skill - but I didnt practice or write anything down - I just kinda winged it! Please feel free to poke fun at me as well! I never take myself to seriously, and neither should you! :)

Real quick recap for Day #2 of P90x : Plyometrics
Is was really tough - but it is supposed to be. The warm up really had me rethinking P90x today but I stuck with it, and I just focused on how hot my bod will be on the beach this summer! :) I had to stop the DVD a few times just to rest a little more than the 30 seconds that Tony & his crew took. I think next time I am just going to do Cardio X - I think Plyo is a little out of my league, but I felt good that I finished the workout and I pushed myself and my body to it's limits. I am really happy that Plyo is only once a week! And I do have off weeks! But it really is a great Cardio workout and it will burn a ton of calories!

I woke up weighing 124lbs and after the workout I was at 121lbs! Nothing like losing the water weight to make you feel good! Haha - I'm still going strong on the diet - except we are going out to Applesbee's tonight before going to the movies (skipping the popcorn this time!) So that may put a little speed bump in my calories for the day.

Thanks for stopping by today and YOU ROCK!

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