Tuesday, January 5, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday - Rethink the Shrink

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans True Confessions

Today I really do not have much to confess about New Years! We have a friend over at our house on NYE - and I was really good!

1. I watched as the guys drank alcohol and got wasted - I didnt want the headache in the morning OR the calories so I stuck to Crystal Light all night (That Rhymes!) - Virgin Crystal Light - not even a dash of Vodka was in my drink!

2. I played Wii with the guys for a few hours - so I got some exercise out of the whole event! We went golfing, arching, skiing, and even played a few rounds of tennis! :)

3. I fell into bed around 12:30am - stayed up just long enough to say Happy New Year and to kiss Chris! I needed to get my beauty sleep for work at 8am!

4. I did however eat some crappy food! We ordered Cheese & Pepporonni Pizza's - Chicago Crust - some Chicken wings - and bread sticks! I think I ate 1/4 of the pizza and about 6 chick wings

5. Im my defense for #4 - I didnt offically start my new diet until 12am!! So I don't feel guilty about eating 9000 calories for 1 meal! :)

6. Since Jan 1st I havent anything other than Water and 2 glasses of Crystal Light to drink - My body is startig to crave the water & I love it!

7. I no longer get headaches from not drinking soda - I cut cold turkey from drinking 3-4 32oz sodas per day!

8. I have not worked out yet today - My legs are still super sore from Plyometrics! But tonight I am going to get caught up and do Yoga X - I have to stick with P90x.

9. And prove to my boyfriend and my family that I can stick with something, finish, and see results!!

So those are my Tuesday Confessions! Thank you for taking the time to read them - please comment & subscribe to my blog! It would be much appreciated! :) You guys rock!!
Ps. I just love the girls from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!

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