Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wed. Weigh-In

Rethink Your Shrink!

Today is Wednesday Weigh In & I am excited to say that I've lost more pounds! But I am not seeing the physical change.
 - my clothes still fit the same -
so I am starting to get discouraged.

I have a guilty confesion as well - i havent worked out in 3 days! I am going to get back on it tonight though, I need to get motivated and keep it up! I'm still watching my food & eating healthy & 5 times a day to keep the metabolism up! So the diet is helping to shed the pounds - but now I have to focus on working out and tightening up the tummy & thighs!!

So Here's the Stats:
Weigh-In Dec 30: 125.4lbs
Weigh-In Jan 6: 122lbs
*Weigh-In Jan 13: 116.5lbs*
This Week Weight Lost: 5.5lbs
Total Weight Lost: 8.9lbs

So overall, I feel really good about my weight loss - but the number on the scale

Is JUST a number.

I'm ready to see the tummy disappear - and I know what I need to do - more exercise & cardio! just get motivated again to get with it!

Ladies, I hope your Wed Weigh-In looks good, can't wait to see your posts!
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