Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Three

Today over at we are to talk about Three ways to help keep us motivated - but unfortunatly the past 2 weeks my self motivation has not been working - but I will go ahead and list a few ways that I keep myself motivated!

1. Music - I'm going to steal this one from the post, as it is my top motivation - I usually listen to rock or alternative music when I am working out. The screaming in my ear get's my blood pumping and something inside me just has to push harder!

Top 3 Artists:
1. Disturbed
2. Rammstein
3. Atreyu

2. My Skinny Jeans - I have a pair of pants that I wore in High school (which was only 6yrs ago...) but that I often try one to see how I compare to when I was in HS. This morning I tried these on ladies, and guess what, I'm currently wearing them! Buttoned up and everything! & I can still breathe! Made me feel really great, and it keeps me motivated to know that I can fit in them again! And now I want to continue to be able to fit in them so I will continue to work hard to keep the weight off!

3. Competition - I love working with (and against) others to see who can lose the most inches & pounds. I am an aries, so I am competitive by nature so I always want to be on top & win. Good natured competition is good for everyone, as long as you are willing to help others not hurt them. Do not let the competition get to your head and always keep clear sight of whats imporant like staying healthy, losing the weight, and having fun with others while doing it!

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